Welcome to our portfolio page where you will see some candid pictures of our past work and projects that Brown Hill Tree Company has performed. So “Click” and enjoy!

Brown Hill Managing Emerald Ash Borer with Arborjet

In July, Emerald Ash Borer has been detected in one of the purple monitoring traps in Wyoming County. This brings the affected counties total to 20 in Pennsylvania.

Brown Hill is now applying a protective treatment of Tree-Age, applied with an Arborjet I.V. system to protect ash trees.

Typically, the Emerald Ash Borer beetles will kill an ash tree within three years of
the initial infestation. Adults are dark green, one-half inch in length and one-eighth
inch wide, and fly only from early May until September. Larvae spend the rest of
the year beneath the bark of ash trees. When they emerge as adults, they leave D-shaped holes in the bark about one-eighth inch wide.

Brown Hill Tree Company does Crane Removals

Here you see Brown Hill Tree Company performing a tree removal by crane. Sometimes it’s the only option for removing some of the much larger or hazardous trees. No matter how difficult your tree problem may be, you can depend on us for any tree removal job. A crane can give us the ability to hoist trees and limbs over buildings and other large obstacles with ease. Best of all It drastically reduces damage to your yard because heavy pieces of trees can be lifted and lowered gently instead dropped onto your landscape.

Ft Belvior Project

Here are some pictures from a recent tree clearing project in Ft Belvior, Va. In Feburary of 2009 Brown Hill Tree Co. was called upon to complete the difficult job of clearing away many large trees for a construction project. After the construction of the Dewitt Army Hospital on the Fort Belvoir Army base located in Fort Belvoir Virginia, water run off from the new parking area was more than the existing streams could handle. A serious erosion issue was created. The job was difficult because equipment access was limited and historic trees had to be preserved. Thanks to the “we can do it!” attitute of Brown Hill Tree Co. president Jon Brown, special equipment was soon mobilized. The difficult job was completed on time so that the construction project could begin as scheduled. When compared to other bidders, Brown Hill Tree Co. was able to complete the job faster and at less cost to the prime contractor.

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Where did that stump go?

Now you see it……..Now you don’t! Whether an eyesore, hazard or reclaiming desired lawn space. Brown Hill Tree Company has the machinery and ability to perform stump grinding in a professional and safe way!